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The Body Challenge

16 weeks to health and wellness

body challenge
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I created this community to mimic that of the Discovery Health Body Challenge. Over the course of sixteen weeks members will attempt to overhaul their way of dealing with diet and exercise to be more healthy. The timeline is as follows:

Sept. 12th- Last supper
Sept. 13th-Initial weigh in/measurements/photos
Oct. 11th-4 week weigh in/measurements/photos
Nov. 8th-8 week weigh in/measurements/photos
Dec. 6th-12 week weigh in/measurements/photos
Jan. 3rd-16 week final weigh in/measurements/photos

When you join please introduce yourself and answer these introductory questions of you like:

-How do you think you became overweight/unfit in the first place?

-How do you plan to overcome these obstacles?

-What is your overall goal or plan?