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woah nelly!

Today I went to the Power Flex class, and while it was still challenging, I felt stronger this time around.

I decided to stay for the Yoga class afterwards though, and that HURT! I am so NOT flexible!

My legs feel like jelly and my knees keep giving out on me, so I look like a wreck.

Now if only I could exile all the junk food in my house without having to do so by eating it all...I'll be in good shape!
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I did my first PowerFlex class earlier in the month. I definitely felt it the next day!

LOVE Powerflex, but had to take Sky to the vet this morning. SOrry i missed your call, i'm glad you went without me and i plan to be there Wednesday.

hugs, me
I was worried about you! How's the kitty doing now??

See ya Wednesday!
She is getting bigger and fiestier by the minute. SO CUTE!