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Somehow I missed the beginning of this group, I remember Cheryl talking about it but never found it. If it isn't too late to start and get support here I will give you my stats!

-How do you think you became overweight/unfit in the first place? My family is prone to it, we all have german farmer bodies and diets, but we no longer have the farmer physical activity. So the weight comes easily. I was always the thinnest in my family, my parents have been on every diet and have lost and gained over a combined 1000lbs over the years. My brothers have also always struggled. I didn't start gaining until I went back to school (for my masters) 7 years ago. I moved back in with the parents, so my eating habits got bad again, and I was sitting 12-16 hours a day in classes and doing homework. The emotional thing with the parents was pretty good after years of therapy, but it was still hard in many ways. It has been down hill since then weight-wise. I did best one summer with a combination of therapy, weight watchers and daily bike riding. I didn't get down to my ideal weight before my then b/f broke up with me and I went back into an emotional eating tailspin. I also suffer from low thyroid, depression, high cholesterol and bad knees (all complicated/caused by my current weight)

-How do you plan to overcome these obstacles? thankfully with current b/f support, with inspiration of friend that lost 60 lbs and my brother who has also lost that much, adjusting diet to MORE veggies and LESS sugar. I have done plenty of therapy, but have been resistant to deal with my body image/food issues. I plan to work with some Dr. Phil weight books to also deal with my head.

-What is your overall goal or plan? adjusting diet to MORE veggies and LESS sugar, walk the dog daily. I would like to get rid of SOME of my medical problems too. Here are my overall 2005 goals To get back to a healthy weight I need to get rid of about 45 pounds.

Anyways, like many, my family shows love through food. my b/f is the BEST cook and he loves to show me love with his cooking. I am spoiled but I am FAT! The fat has been growing for about 7 years now, the diets started about 5 years ago.

last night we had people over for dinner (for our underground test kitchen, but that's another story) and my former co-worker came. I haven't seen her since October and she has lost another 15 pounds for a total of 60 in one year, doing the South Beach Diet and walking her dogs. She looks amazing! I am so proud of her and inspired by her! She is so obviously healthier and happier. She is more beautiful than ever, mostly because she glows. I started the south beach the same time she did last year and did it for about 6 weeks and lost 12 pounds (all since gained back) The b/f is always as supportive as he can be, but his body craves carbs and burns them off in his sleep, he is a stick. SO our food needs are dramatically different.

But I am inspired to try again, b/f is equally inspired by her and we are examining our meals to see how we can adjust. Problem is being, asian he cooks a lot of meals with sticky white rice, a staple and we both LOVE pasta. He is thinking about how to make homemade pasta, maybe from soy flour for lower carbs.

SO! I won't be reaching any goals by February, but hope I can chat with you all about weight issues and my progress!
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